Your journey to build high-performing teams
start here.

Beamfox is a complete solution that help you prioritize employee experience,
track performance, and puts employees at the center of your strategy.

Candidate Pre-boarding

Engage candidates and reduce drop-off between offer acceptance and joining through personalized candidate experience.

Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding software that fits your remote teams. Securely share tasks and forms by automating all your communication.


Employee Engagement

Measure eNPS, set goals, run surveys, and collect feedback and create employee experiences that represents the actual values of your company.

Employee Offboarding

Automate the entire employee offboarding experience with scheduled documents and notes, which reduces your HR teams' extra efforts.

Employee experience for remote teams.

Empower remote teams with the right information at the right time. Deliver the
right experience so you can build a people-first culture.

Employee Engagement Analytics

Insights for every stage of your candidate journey

Data-backed insights at every stage

Track all candidate engagements seamlessly from start to end.

Candidate nurturing analytics

Understand campaign effectiveness by checking candidate engagement at each step of journey.

Define and visualize trends

Identify the interactions that contribute most to KPIs like retention and expansion

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Hyper-personalized candidate journey

Drip campaigns

Send your candidates exactly what they need, when they need it on platforms they are most active on.

Calendar view workflow creation

Schedule meetings on your work or personal calendar and make sure you’re never double-booked.

Candidate list segregation

Segregate candidates based on their job profiles, functions, actions, demographics and engage with them accordingly

Reach your employees the way they want to be reached. Without using your own device. Reduce cost by 40% using a single platform.

Supercharge your employee experience

Be an employee first organization; Beamfox is the single platform that helps you convert,
support, and retain your best employees.

Auto sync

Integrate and sync candidate contacts, details, and accounts from popular HRMSs

Canvas for creativity

Intentionally designed to help you solve problems using a simple drag and drop interface

Templates to speed it up

Get started quickly and use our template directory to find journey ideas and industry best practices

Send and track

Automate your emails and messages to get insights delivered directly to you

AI-driven prediction

Predict candidate joining probability with historical and real-time behavioral data


Set up and deliver personalized experiences for every candidate

Beamfox pairs nicely with your favorite tools

The right experience wouldn’t be complete without integrations. Whether you want to
pull data in or push it out, we have got you covered

  • Trello
  • Asana
  • Logo Name
  • skype
  • dropbox
  • facebook
  • cc
  • buffer
  • Aircall
  • Docusign
  • docs
  • zapier
  • greenhouse
  • ms-teams
  • zoho-meeting
  • GTM
  • recruit
  • box
  • calendar
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