Beamfox helps companies predict, with 90% accuracy, whether the candidate will join an organization after accepting the job offer.

All the tools you need for remote candidate engagement to build global teams

All the tools you need, to slash-off your
candidate back out rate by 3X

Predictive Scoring
Actionable Insights

Candidate health scoring to optimize hiring strategy

Beamfox’s predictive scoring uses machine learning to assign scores to prospective candidates based on their behavior with your organization site or content. Collecting data on a candidate’s profile helps Human Resource teams prioritize candidates, take action, and improve the offer-to-acceptance ratio.

Are you getting the most out of your hiring campaign?

Beamfox gives you the power to build, automate, and analyze candidate journey so you can capitalize on time saved by sharing information about your office and policies, taking care of logistics like tax and legal paperwork, prepping new hires for what to expect once they join the organization, and maybe even surprising and delighting them a bit.

Build and grow stronger relationships with your candidates

Understand and reach out to your candidates, engage with them, measure their performance, and predict their joining probability with the only all-in-one, pre-boarding management platform built for connection.

Remote first

While organizations across the world are moving towards increased remote working capabilities, we recognize that managing candidate relationships remotely is no easy feat. Beamfox helps HRs build relationships with potential candidates no matter where they are, as well as enhance the brand image of your organization as a desirable employer.


Remote ready

More reasons to love Beamfox

Enable your talent acquisition team to get all the information they need to start
qualified conversations with your future employees

Employee Engagement Workflow

Workflow automation for candidate engagement

Automate repetitive tasks and multi-step business rules using Beamfox Workflows. Using a drag and drop feature for adding and arranging tasks, automated workflows can be planned and designed visually to either simulate or improve upon existing processes

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personalised employee onboarding

Hyper-personalized omnichannel candidate engagement

Deliver personalized candidate experiences at scale. Deliver seamless customer support experience through SMS, email, voice, chat, social, and other channels

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Employee Onboarding Engagement

Candidate engagement analytics

Aggregate candidate interactions, feedback, social interaction data, and candidate engagement analytics to gain an end-to-end picture of the candidate journey

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Team collaboration

Collaborate and keep the team on the same page

Work closely with all functions. Invite them into Beamfox and collaborate in real-time. Let them comment, create, and share their thoughts on a candidate's progress

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Free Onboarding Template

Built-in templates by industry experts

Explore a range of free emails, messages, meeting templates. With Beamfox's drag and drop feature, you can customize your messages for any scenario in just a few clicks

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Employee feedback

Forget about scheduling meetings manually

You can now send meeting invites to one or more candidates who can choose from available slots on your calendar.

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chatbot for human resource

Chatbots to start qualified conversations

Create personalized conversational landing pages, conversational websites, interactive surveys, engagement bots & more—intuitively, without any code

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Dozens of 1-click integrations

Beamfox fits right between all your organization’s favorite tools and workflows to
save you from countless hours of manual work

The first platform built to truly improve the employee acceptance rate
The first platform built to truly improve the employee acceptance rate
The first platform built to truly improve the employee acceptance rate

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