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HR’s Guide to Pre-boarding: 10 To-dos before an employee’s first day

By just making a little preparation, you can turn the anxiety that an employee has on their first day, into genuine excitement. In the curse of this guide, we’ll be discussing different employee onboarding tips that will ensure a smooth transition into your workforce.

It is no news that the first day of an employee at a new job can be overwhelming- not just for the newly hired employee, but also for the employers as well. Aside from the responsibility of teaching a person a new role, it is also expected of the employer to help an employee’s transition into a new company environment and work environment.

With some onboarding preparation, with the right impression, an employee can both feel prepared and welcome for the new job and also for the respective responsibilities. It will also ensure that an employee feels comfortable and welcomed at their new position.

As the saying “first impression matters,” so does the First day of an employee. It’s a vital part of the onboarding process. It’s a new employee’s first taste of the culture of your company, and also an introduction to what it feels like to work for you. To ensure the new hire’s first day is the best, we have suggested things to do before their first day even start.

Don’t know where to begin? We’ve put together

10 steps to prepare for your new employee’s first day at work.


    Sending a welcome letter to your new employee is a vital part of the preboarding process, and it is necessary for an employee’s first day. This welcome letter provides the employee with direction on where to go, knowledge on what can expect, and also let them know how excited you are that they joined you.

    Also, you shouldn’t leave a well-drafted paperwork and document requirement needed for their first day.

    Spending more time than one should fo the legal side of onboarding and prepping them to come prepared helps you make their first day memorable and exceptional.


    Don’t leave their desk out of the arrangement. Make sure that the new hire’s desk is ready for their first day at work. It’s unlikely that they’ll be spending time at the office in their first week; however, when they need to settle, the desk should be readily available.

    Here’s an ideal way to ready the desk:

    Clean the desk properly, and also make sure that there is no evidence of the past employees
    Make sure the essentials of the employee are covered: the tape dispenser with a tape, a stapler, and other basics.
    You can also welcome them with a gift, waiting for them on their properly arranged desk. Welcome kits are a fantastic option as they come most times with certificates and also a welcome message from your team.


    This point may or may not seem evident before the first day of your new employee, but it should be considered. Work might be hectic, and employee onboarding can add to the stress, and when a team changes or expands, in addition to your current duties and task, it becomes overwhelming.

    Therefore, keeping your current team in the loop of the process might slip your mind. That’s why you need to make this a priority when you are onboarding an employee.

    The team members you have now can go a long way in helping the employee onboarding process. They can help welcome them. The current members are already experts on the culture, the team, and also have valuable insight into the position of the new hire.

    It is usual for you to forget to keep your current team in the loop. It’s okay; it happens. This is why it should be a priority when you are onboarding a new hire.

    The employee will also have an impact on their roles. Giving them time to prepare for the arrival of the new hire is essential.


    Can one ever be too prepared? Planning the team introduction well ahead of time is not a lot to ask. Don’t forget to email or have the HR email the entire existing staff that one more brilliant mind and brain will be joining the team. This way, other departments won’t make the new employee feel odd on their first day since they’ll be expecting them.

    Fight those jilters that come with the first days with the help of a fun icebreaker game or two to play them as a team.

    Send notice to the current employees that the organization will be taking care of the lunch on the first day of the employee, so that they can be welcomed with good food. Organize lunch at a favorite spot, either in the office cafeteria or at a local place. This way, your new hire will get acquainted with the environment.


    The new employee probably accepted your offer on the grounds that they found your value for employee proposition appealing. You should use the preboarding period to reinforce that. Not only does this mean your organization keeps to their promises, but it also shows that managers have the welfare of their employees at hear: This is killing two birds with one stone.

    Additionally, you can ask for feedback from the new hires, asking them about the hiring process. This goes a long way in strengthening their impression of your kind of company.

    When it comes to showing care towards an employee, you can also add to your preboarding strategy a company-branded swag – this is okay if you have the budget.

    You can even go as far as adding extra gifts or merchandise for their kids or spouse – if they have been mentioned during the interview. This method seems straightforward but also an effective way of making your new employee feel a welcome part of the organization.


    New employees have to bear the ton of bureaucracy. They have a lot of forms to sing, direct deposit info, tax, etc. This is in addition to the account they will have to set up, as well as the software they have to get familiar with. You will be appreciated if you can guide them through it. Your new hire will thank you for that.

    Among the pile of things you can do for them, and you can help them set up their new company email address. This makes them ready for the next phase. All you need to do is to confirm their most preferred name before you go ahead and create the email account for them.

    Once their inbox has gone live, you can also encourage the manager to invite them to the various upcoming meetings. This gives them a great head start and even a better feel of what is in store for them through the week.


    A lot of workers are scared or worried they’ll be late on their first workday. You can help get rid of this anxiety by sending them clear instructions for the first day.

    You can tell them where they need to be; For instance, the department, specific address, and also the person to report to. If locating your office is tricky, you can provide them with specific instructions that will help them.

    Also, don’t leave the details of office parking out, the dress code, and also how they can check-in. This info helps in ensuring that everything goes for them without a hitch.

    Additionally, you can also share the company’s vital information available. Provide them with relevant materials before the first day – document like a benefits guide, employee handbook, and different details on employee resource groups and so on.

    These documents will go a long way in helping the employee familiarize themselves with what you have to offer. When new hires have a full understanding of what is expected of them before they step foot through the office day, it will be easier to help them out.


    Ensure your employee stays energized with a packed schedule through their first week, mostly on their first day. There is a lot to be learned, starting fro the location of the restrooms, to where the fantastic eating spots are, to the programs or software needed for their new role.

    You can help your new hire create a timetable that outlines their first week. Once this is ready, you can send it to them a few days ahead. This simple gesture is a fantastic way to help them fight the jilters that come with first-days.

    You could also make use of digital calendar invites for:

    • In-house training
    • Meetings
    • Onboarding sessions
    • Planned lunches

    These are just a few examples, and the point is to send them to calendar information for what has been scheduled.


    On the first day, set each of your employees with a mentor or a buddy; this helps them feel more comfortable and also encourages them to ask questions. New employees have questions like “where’s the best place on this block to get lunch, “how do I complete this task?” etc. Giving the employee a mentor will help them get accustomed to the culture at a faster rate.


    Having a planned activity is a way to show the employee that they are welcomed on the first day: Some activities might include

    • Hosting a lunch or pot luck where everyone can contribute a dish
    • Take the whole team and give them a treat at a local eatery.
    • Organize an after-work happy hour

    This kind of event gives both your current employees and the new ones a chance to know each other openly. It provides a casual environment to build a reliable channel or relationship for collaboration.


    Making use of a preboarding tool, app, or software can do a lot than you imagine. It gives new hires, the room to get acquainted with their modern workplace, mostly if you employed more than one person. Using a preboarding tool is a straightforward and accessible way of ensuring that employees have all the required information, all in one place. Our tool Beamfox can help you have an excellent pre- and onboarding experience.


    Everyone loves receiving gifts – including you. You should consider giving your new employee something to say welcome. This thing might include:

      • Office equipment like notebooks or pens
      • A kind of company swag, like a coffee mug or t-shirt.  


Managers play a very vital role in the preboarding process. Things like a telephone call instead of an email are usually more appropriate. A quick chat on the phone is also an excellent way for an employer to know an employee better and also answer their questions. This also aids in making more meaningful introductions between the new employee and the entire team on their first day.

It goes without saying; there are a lot of ways to connect with new hires on their first day – it depends on you as the employer.

For a lot of people, it is stressful to start a new job – a different environment to get used to, the thought of if you’ve made the right decision or not, getting to meet new people, etc. Changing to a new line of work proves to be more stressful than a change in residence.

However, with the right preboarding and onboarding process, you can make this change a lot easier for the new employees. Importantly, this helps in boosting the loyalty, engagement, and productivity of the employees from their first day. In the long-run, your preboarding press goes a long way in encouraging the employees to stay with you longer. It’s worth investing some energy and time into welcoming your employees. 

You’ll be glad you did!

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