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You are only as good as the people you hire.” Ray Kroc, American Businessman

There is no organization today, which does not understand the importance of its employees. People are the most valuable asset an organization can have.

The culture, knowledge, and experience they bring to a company is the only competitive advantage that can’t easily be copied by other organizations/competitors.

That said, employers focus on hiring the best talents available in the market to build teams that can deal with predictable and unpredictable future situations. 

Nevertheless, the upper management is not always convinced and willing to invest in improving the hiring process. While they expect HR and the hiring team to bring top talent to the organization, the resources they make available for them are often limited.

This is the case in many organizations, even though the experience and the research show that taking care of the hiring process means taking care of your organization’s success.

What needs to change in the hiring process

Great talent, fantastic candidate experience, stressless journey, low cost, and reduced time make for an effective and enjoyable hiring process. Candidates would be happy to have been part of the process, and the hiring team and the company would be thankful for hiring talent using as few resources as possible.

Of course, this is the case only in very few companies in the world today. Most companies need to invest a lot of resources and go through stressful situations to hire great talent.

What makes it so difficult and inefficient to hire good employees is the process itself. Many employers think that following the old methods of creating a job ad, using several sourcing channels, picking people from a pipeline, and interviewing the shortlisted few will help them build strong teams.

Well, that’s completely wrong! The old way may still be helpful to hire someone, but for sure, it is not helpful to provide a great experience and ensure the hiring team itself enjoys the process and keeps the business happy with their final hiring decision.

Searching for ways to hire valuable employees through an unforgettable (positively) journey while reducing the hiring time and costs is a must for employers that want to make their hiring process as efficient as possible.

Employers need to turn their “follow the process” attitude toward an “improve the process” attitude. Employers need to regularly review the current process, spot its strengths and weaknesses, brainstorm to identify candidates’ and companies’ needs, and implement new tools/processes.

Finally, employers need not be afraid of getting out of the comfort zone; and the “out of the comfort zone” in this case is trying new tools and ways to improve the overall hiring process. 

How to modernize the hiring process

  • Focus on the Process

    To modernize means to remodel and to bring something up to date. 

    You can’t expect a La Marquise car to run faster than an Enzo Ferrari, and you can’t expect a 10-year old model or process to bring the same results as a process designed based on today’s business needs.

    People’s and businesses ‘ needs today are very different than those a few years ago. People need more attention and prefer to be approached at a more personal level, and the business can offer much more than it could in the past. 

    Taking advantage of technology while keeping a strategic approach is what an employer needs. To start with, employers need to focus more on the information they provide potential candidates.

    As an employer, you need to make sure what you ask from a candidate and what you can offer to a candidate are clear. Using a generic job description will only help you cause misunderstanding and approach the wrong people.

    It would be best if you were very specific for each job opening and, therefore, adjust each job description to your team’s needs. Do hold strategic recruiting meetings with your hiring team and ask as many questions as possible. 

    Besides, it would be best if you used personalized communication. Addressing candidates by their names, and not just with a “dear candidate” email, has the power to tremendously improve the way they perceive you as a great employer.

    Candidates would feel that you care about them and you are willing to invest time in considering them for your job opening. It is also essential to show them that you are eager to provide and receive feedback regarding the hiring process.

    Tools like Beamfox help you make personalize communication to candidates on channels they are most active on. It helps you focus more on the candidate than on the process by automating the candidate experience. 


    It is beneficial for both the candidate and you.

    A few years ago, it was the case for most companies to find as many sourcing channels as possible to attract as many candidates as possible.

    By focusing on approaching as many candidates as possible, you have already done the first bit of damage to yourself. Getting so many candidates means more time, higher costs, and terrible candidate experience because you will not be able to treat everyone with the attention or respect they expect.

    Therefore, your approach needs to be more strategic. You need to brainstorm and decide what talent you are looking for, which markets you should focus on the most, which sourcing channels can help you approach those talents, and where your talent of this profile is searching for jobs the most.

    Thus, you will make sure you only come people with a shape relevant to your business’s needs. You will have fewer candidates, but the quality rate will be much higher.

    Therefore, this will save you time (from screening extra candidates), costs (from paying for more sourcing channels), and energy (to dedicate to all candidates the attention they expect from you).

  • Focus on technology

    All the aforementioned are ways that can help you improve the efficiency of your hiring process. To make it even more efficient, one can introduce various tools that the technology can offer today. 

    Unconsciously, we often make decisions based on our “state of feeling” at a particular moment and not based on facts. When it comes to hiring decisions, sometimes we hire someone based on similarities the candidate may have with us and not based on performance indicators or predictors.

    As a result, we end up hiring the wrong person and negatively affecting the overall company performance. To avoid such unintended mistakes, employers today can take advantage of technology and the tools it provides to improve the accuracy rate of hiring decisions. 

    Technology can provide you with data that will make your job easier and ensure a great candidate experience at the same time. Firstly, today, we are in a position to introduce the Candidate experience platform in our hiring process.

    Chatbots can complement or even replace the traditional application form, interacting with candidates immediately to get their experience and qualifications. After the first contact, bots can provide status updates, schedule an interview, or even reject candidates.

    The most obvious challenge that chatbots solve is one that’s all-too-familiar to recruiters and candidates alike: that uncomfortable radio silence — otherwise named as the “black hole” — between submitting a résumé and hearing back about the next steps. (Read – Complete guide to virtual onboarding)

    Secondly, I have mentioned it in many articles. Still, it is essential to know that the best future job performance indicator is a test in a real practical job-related task before hiring someone.

    This is, of course, something that each employer itself can do, but imagine how much time, money, and effort it would require to build a test for every position, ask all the candidates to complete it, and then analyze all the collected data. Yes, you are right. It is not efficient at all, and this is why we need technology.

    There are plenty of companies that specialize in various types of tests which can help you automate the process and retrieve the necessary analyzed data to make the right hiring decision. Through talent assessment tools (TAS), these companies can test all candidates on real job-related situations and tasks. With high accuracy, they predict how these candidates would perform if they would join the company. (Read – 5 tips to attract and retain tech professionals)

    This is a great way to minimize all the risks of hiring the wrong person you believed could perform well in the job due to his/her experience, but in practice, it would not fit the company’s needs. Simultaneously, a talent assessment tool helps candidates understand if this is a role they can perform and be happy in or not related to their ambitions and capabilities.

    Introducing a talent assessment tool in your hiring process is a win-win move that can benefit both you and the candidates. There are many companies which offer you a trial for free. Please take advantage of them and give it a try. 

Things to take care of

All these suggestions and many others mentioned in this article would make it too long, quickly modernize your hiring process, and make it more efficient for both the company and the candidates.

Of course, before implementing anything, you need to first think of the company’s needs and candidates’ expectations and adjust each of the new processes/tools to them.

Thus, you can ensure that you have the right strategies in place to help you attract the best suitable candidates effectively and efficiently.

You always need to keep an “improve the process” attitude!

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