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Benefits of social media for hiring

In a world as the one we live in today, where most of our lives are spent online and on different social media platforms, HR departments need to make sure that they make the most out of social media for a variety of duties that they need to carry out.

One major thing to do for an HR to make the best use of social media is to build the company’s online presence.

Social media is popular beyond doubt, with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram attaining different milestones without the aim of stopping, while other professional social media sites such as LinkedIn are also experiencing a successful growth story.

Recently, Facebook claims to have surpassed 2 billion monthly active users on a site that has a third of the world population.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, has over 467 million members who showcase their professional profiles/online CVs on the platform. Companies all over the globe can access the platform to interact with these users.

With numbers like these, it makes sense that the Human Resource departments would be able to leverage social media in fundamental ways. In this article, we’ll be discussing the importance of social media to the HR department, and discuss ways a company can build its online presence and make the best out of different social media platforms for recruiting.

Importance of Social Media for HR

Talent acquisition

Any HR professional will attest to the level of the difficulty involved in trying to find the right candidate with the right skill and experience to fill a vacant or specific position within their company. Social media can go a long way in making this process more efficient. They serve as a very proficient and convenient talent acquisition tool.

The various benefit of social media needs to be embraced by employers, to afford their HR department, specifically regarding recruiting.

Social recruiting can be accomplished on a much broader scale than the traditional recruitment method, through a professional social media networking platform, with a significant online presence.

Incredibly intuitive and Cost-effective as a recruitment tool, social media gives room for the company’s human resource team to engage with a larger pool of audience, target a quality pool of candidates and then improve on the effectiveness of their efforts as per recruitment.

The simple truth is that a company that wants to be visible to a large pool of talented candidates, or wanting access to that same pool of individuals, cannot ignore social media, which makes it essential for such a company to build a proper online presence.

Vetting Candidates

As much as job seekers monitor the profiles of companies on social media to help them in their decision-making, HR professionals should also be engaging in the same act to prospective candidates they are considering to fill a position in their company.

Social media provides the HR team with a modern way to vet potential candidates. Using social media and candidates’ social profiles as a tool to screen applicants speeds up the hiring process and provides the HR professionals with a better idea of who the candidate is.

This helps them in determining if the candidate is the best fit for a particular position and the culture of the business. Applicants also go through the social profile of the company to know If they can fit into the company’s culture and if they are the best fit for their career.

Reputation, culture, and communication

One fantastic way for the HR department of firms to attract top talent is by using the social media recruitment feature to display an example of a working culture that will motivate the employee to see the company as being worth working for.

The culture of an organization plays an important role when it comes to retaining and attracting quality talent. People search for jobs that aim to understand a business culture before they commit to joining, to see whether they will be found suitable to work in line with the culture of the company and be open up to chances of having success and happiness in their profession.

Social media is an ideal tool for communication, and a lot of job seekers look to the company pages and profile on different social media platforms to get a feel or understanding as to what the culture of the business is.

Communicating the company’s values and culture through social content is an essential duty for HR managers to consider and implement carefully.

How recruiters can use of social media for hiring by Improving their Online Presence

Businesses continually face various challenges for them to maintain the number of staff. This came as a result of the limited market talented staff, to solve this problem, the recruiters are always looking for means of making efficient the existing recruitment techniques.

A valuable tool is Social media, and increasing efficiency on such a platform or having an adequate presence on the platform can allow employers to lead the competition.

While it is essential, it is that applicants prioritize optimizing their social media accounts to increase engagement with employers. It is also advisable that Human Resources also improves their online presence so that potential employees can see when they put out vacancies.

Companies should focus on the most popular social media, which means developing hiring strategies to attract prospective applicants on social platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Quora.

The product manager for LinkedIn, Jared Goralnick, said in an interview with HR Dive that companies must attract people at the place where they spend most of their time, which means developing recruitment strategies to attract prospective candidates on social media.

  1. Facebook

    Many recruiters do not know that they could launch paid ads on Facebook, concentrating on the specific demographic information that their recruitment team is trying to focus on.

    Not having a Facebook account is never an excuse as it could be created easily and quickly. Then they can place the Advertisement, with options to reach a specific geographical location and also reach people with particular interests or salary ranges.

    They will be able to display ads with several ultimate goals. Various goals like candidates installing apps, viewing videos so they can be directed towards the career page. They can also set up the Advertisements and then track they had paid for every result produced.

    How to make Ads on Facebook a success

    – Focusing on the right audience
    – The Advertisement must be reasonable and have enough attractive visuals
    – A Facebook Ad copy that will be compelling enough to make them click on the Ads
    – Do not depend on a single Adverts, Use a variety of images for several Adverts
    – Track the conversion rate

  2. LinkedIn

    Specifically, employers have labeled LinkedIn as an effective means of recruitment. A hiring practices study in 2013, shows that most organizations in northeast Ohio used LinkedIn for hiring, their percent scaling up to 61%.

    Generally, every social platform can flexibly be used for various purposes in the hiring process. Still, LinkedIn has a more focus on professionalism, and they are business-oriented and more relevant for hiring.

    Because candidates can display on their profiles, resumes, experience, former working place, and recommendations in their field. The platform has grown and has won the hearts of professionals seeking jobs and organizations asking for talents.

    How to successfully make use of LinkedIn

    A profile for the company

    There is a need for the company to create a profile on LinkedIn; they will post relevant information that needs to be known regarding what they offer.

    They can share links that will direct people to their blogs and other social media accounts. It would be best if they can also show their staff and their reviews while updating the company profile regularly.

    Primarily, the company should periodically publish relevant and exciting content for followers. Emulating what Coca-Cola did, candidates could be allowed to apply through the company’s LinkedIn profile directly and encourage them to follow for more updates. Hays is one of the top pages to be an example
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    Establish the company on the social platform

    Tsiribas said that in terms of disclosure, personalization is the best possible way. Avoid using generally shared InMail. She said: using fewer InMail has more benefits as it’s more efficient to reach a small number of high-quality candidates than to launch an extensive search. She also added that the most valuable thing a company can do is to realize and promote benefits that are very important to the employee’s overall welfare.

    That means that LinkedIn should be used as a platform with all sense of openness and honesty, so prospective applicants can clearly understand what they will get. Candidates need to know that when they enter the company, the organization will retain them and ensure that they do “all these things they said.”

    Improving online presence and brand image

    LinkedIn is a community for professionals; therefore, there are vast numbers of companies actively online. So, giving the company a considerable advantage over others requires working hard to improve the online presence of the brand, especially on social platforms.

    It is also noted that having the right brand image will make things easier for recruiters. Because a lousy brand image will discourage a candidate from ever applying, he recommends utilizing LinkedIn to share stories and videos so that job seekers can better understand the real feeling of working in the company.

    LinkedIn is an excellent platform to show the vision, mission, and the working ethics of the company.

  3. Quora

    Quora has grown more than a social platform; it has grown to become a community filled with people with different skills, preferences, and areas of interest. It is a platform where you can share information, search for answers, and interact with other users.

    Millions of users on the platform creates a wealth of professional industry talent, and when we talk about hiring on social media, Quora is one of the places worth visiting.

    An official social platform where professionals connect is LinkedIn, although there are other platforms too and Quora is part of them, recruiters can also make use of the Quora as a means of recruitment.

    How to successfully make use of Quora

    Be professional about your profile

    Apart from other reasons, if your sole goal of opening Quora is to hunt for talents, you have to have a professional that will professionally communicate who you are. It must include the identity of the organization, your location, and the skills needed in the organization. Check this amazing profile of Jimmy Wales, founder Wikipedia
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    You must be Active

    To grow more audience, you must consistently communicate with people on topics that relate to your organization. Engage in talks; when questions are being asked, contribute your answer.

    Allow people to gain knowledge through your expertise. The more problem you solve for people, the more they will reach you. The more followers you have, the fatter your chances at meeting professionals that you can hire.

    Contact Potential Candidates

    Your activeness will help you expand your audience, and from the audience, you can start identifying the suitable professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills that your organization needs. Identify them and message them. You do not appear as a SPAM introduce yourself and explain the reasons you are connecting with them. And you might also need to appreciate them for their contributions to the platform.

    Furthermore, tell them of the current opening in your organization and why you want them to fill it. They might not be ready to change their workplace, but once they are available, you will be notified ahead of others. Besides, the community is filled with many professionals, so it will be easier to get other users ready to work.

    The best way to make use of Quora is to connect with people and engage in topics related to the organization and keep a strong profile.

In conclusion, publishing content, and informational articles that are valuable and relevant to the latest vacancies in the company will help to increase visibility on search result pages on Google.

In a world with a relatively large number of companies, the competition is vast, and only the smartest and the quick action takers get to thrive. So, being ahead in the game will undoubtedly give the company an edge and make it attracting the best talent very quickly.

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