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Five Tips to Attract and Retain Tech Professionals in 2020

Nowadays, employers are struggling to attract and retain tech professionals. As they have become indispensable due to the coronavirus pandemic, the competition to attract skilled talent has become tougher. In 2020, many organizations are offering higher salaries to tech employees. But, to convince them, you will need more than a good salary.

Remote work has become the new standard. As a result, more tech professionals demand remote work benefits so they can spend more time with their loved ones. On the other hand, tech professionals know they are valuable these days. So, if you want to retain top tech employees, you’ll need to change your mindset and try new things.

If you’re battling to attract and retain top tech talent, here are five tips that will help deal with that. As you will improve your employee attraction and retention strategies, you’ll be able to become an attractive employer. In other words, you’ll remain competitive and will be able to increase the company’s profits. 

Provide Your Employees with Schedule Flexibility

During the coronavirus pandemic, remote workers play an important role. As companies need skilled candidates that can work during isolation, the demand for tech employees has increased. To attract today’s tech professionals, you’ll need to provide them with schedule flexibility.

Workers who have flexible schedules are more productive. As they feel comfortable with their job, they stay motivated and are always willing to work hard. Remote workers allow companies to reduce costs and reduce their carbon footprint. As workers don’t need to use a vehicle to go to work, they can give the environment a break.

Also, if your current employees ask for flexible schedules, give them what they demand. Many companies provide these kinds of benefits, and you wouldn’t like your current skilled employees to leave your team.

Dell is one of the biggest IT companies in the world. And guess what? They are looking forward to flexible work. They allow their employees to have part-time or full-time remote work. And right now, about 60 percent of its global workforce is working remotely. 

According to a FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics’ analysis, remote work grew by 159 percent between 2005 and 2017. It indeed has become more popular as the years pass. Today about 4.7 million Americans work remotely, and it’s becoming essential to attract and retain qualified employees.

Promote Professional Development

For tech talent having professional growth is essential. The tech market is a fast-growing industry, and with new things coming up every day, they must stay up to date. If you’re looking to attract the best talent, you have to promote professional development. Whether you decide to build relationships with codings schools or give tech classes in your company, you have to let them grow.

When tech employees have professional development, they keep a positive mood as they are motivated to learn new things. Also, they will help you to plan new strategies to create better products and provide better services. Many coding schools also offer free coding courses you can use to keep your tech employees motivated.

For employees with a cybersecurity career, learning new skills is vital. As they’re responsible for keeping data safe, they must implement best practices to improve security strategies. Cyber threats and attackers might leave your company unprotected. By stealing valuable data and damaging important files, they can take you out of the competition.

If you’re looking to have a high-quality tech team, you should provide them with professional development opportunities. They will be able to keep your data safe and help you remain in the competition.

Provide Better Perks and Benefits

Large companies like Samsung, Apple, and Amazon provide their employees with exceptional benefits. Their workers can enjoy not only health and dental insurance benefits but also parental leave and retirement savings perks. As more companies are adopting this methodology to attract and retain top tech talent, you’ll need to increase your perks to attract qualified tech talent.

When employees can enjoy great benefits, they stay motivated and provide better results. As they feel their jobs are worth it, they won’t give a no for an answer. No matter what kind of task you demand them to do, they’ll do all they can to accomplish the company’s goals.

Promote Teamwork

Most tech talent works in projects to accomplish a common goal. During projects, they often have to work with many professionals to provide the best results. Promoting teamwork is an excellent way to retain and attract tech professionals. As they can improve their hard and soft skills, they’ll become more valuable.

When tech professionals are among their own, they feel more comfortable. As they can speak “tech,” they will love their workplace. For tech professionals like web developers, working on teams is vital. As they often work with other tech professionals like UX designers and graphic designers, they must know how to work as a team. Otherwise, they won’t be able to meet deadlines. 

Promoting teamwork allows your employees to learn from other team members. As a result, they implement best practices in future projects to help the company innovate the market. In other words, staying relevant won’t be a barrier to your organization. 

Let Your Employees Know When They Have Done an Excellent Job

To improve your employee attraction and retention strategies, you must show workers how valuable they are. Allow them to be part of the big picture. As they’ll feel part of a big family, they will perform better. After all, who doesn’t like to be congratulated?

When employees feel happy with their jobs, they’ll tell others how good it is to work in your company. As a result, you’ll catch the attention of qualified candidates, and convincing them to work in your company won’t be a struggle.


In general, to attract and keep tech professionals, you’ll need to think outside the box. Trying new things is crucial to convince them and stand out from other employers. If you consider these tips, you’ll be able to satisfy almost any candidate. However, you must keep your mind wide open and embrace changes to be ready for future challenges.  

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