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How to write a gender-neutral job description

Many systemic and cultural issues influence gender equality in the work environment. However, the job description is one most misconceive in the organization. The job description should not be gender-biased to attract the most and the best applicants. 

The job description is the first step in strengthening the organization’s commitment to ensuring that the organization receives multiple applications. According to research, it has been made known that some words are associated with a specific gender. Therefore, a job description can either attract or block candidates of any particular gender.

How to Write Job Description

It is vital to write a compelling and meaningful job description to attract the best prospective candidate. In fact, with many job positions posted online every day, an excellent job description can distinguish your Job from others. 

The job description serves as the first place you will start marketing the company and future job positions. The job description is your opportunity to contact prospective candidates, and the first impression is essential. 

A practical job description is interesting, comprehensive, and persuasive enough to make the right candidate to apply and shorten the time to complete it.

Although the job description is beneficial for hiring new employees, it has continued use throughout the work life cycle. It is therefore worth spending some time getting it right from the start.

What is Job Description?

The job description is a summary of the primary duties and qualifications and skills for the Job. This document, also known as JD, is the description of the work. 

The job description should contain important details about the company, the mission, culture, and all the advantages it brings to employees. The description can also show precise specifications, such as the range of payment.

Below are the essential details you must adhere to while crafting a Job description. 

  • Job Titles

    The title of the Job must be specific and most aimed at a target audience. Specific job titles tend to attract a candidate that has a direct interest in your organization.So, while writing the Job description, do not forget to add keywords relevant to the Job. And ensure to stick to words that are less confusing and will be clear enough for every applicant to understand.

  • Summary

    Your job summary introduces your company and brand as an employer. It should describe your company and what the applicants should expect from the Job.

    Provide detailed corporate culture information to summarize why candidates should work for you. Therefore, your job summary must be:

    – Open
    – Attractive, and
    – Must include the exact job location.

  • Responsibilities

    Describe the primary responsibilities of the Job. Ensure you list out an accurate and detailed list of the duties. And also highlights responsibilities that are unique to the organization.

    For instance, if you want to hire a computer programmer and specifically want someone good with “python,” you must include it in the job responsibility.

    And you must also explain the daily activities involved in the Job. This will enable applicants to have an understanding of the working conditions and activities they will face every day.

    Highlighting this type of detail allows job seekers to know whether they are suitable for the position and, thus, attract the most suitable job seekers.

  • Job Qualifications and Skills

    This includes a list of various skills. Obviously, the job description should include the level of education, previous work experience, certifications, and technical skills needed for the Job. They can also include soft skills, such as communication and problem-solving skills, and personal attributes intended for successful employment.

    Keep it short. Although you might want to list all the requirements for an ideal job, including many qualifications and skills, it is advisable that you keep it short, because it can prevent potential candidates from applying.

Importance of Job Description

  • An effective way to recruit the right candidate

    A properly written job description will go a long way in helping employers recruit new potential candidates in the organization.

    The job description helps prospective employees determine whether a position is suitable for them and ensures that employers are provided with the most qualified applicants.

    Ultimately, the more detailed job descriptions, the more it will attract and retain good employees who have a direct interest in the Job.

  • Identifies individual roles in the organization

    Job descriptions are often critical to managing people in the organization. Recruitment requires a job description to enable the managers and job seekers to have an understanding of the Job.

    It is crucial that everybody in the workplace. The job description helps the candidate to identify their role in the organization.

    At the Absence of the Job Description, it is often difficult for someone to properly participate or take responsibility for the Job.

  • Shows Minimum Qualification

    If a specific certificate is needed for a job, for example, a driver’s license, a particular degree or a professional qualification, please indicate this in the job description. If a drug test is required for them before starting or continuing work, it must be stated in the Job Description.

    You can also list other minimum requirements, including keeping to time, working under pressure, and cooperating with others. Therefore, if someone is looking for a job, but does not have the necessary qualifications, there will be a legitimate reason not to invite them.

  • Acknowledgments and rewards

    You can employ the job description as guidelines for evaluating performance or encouraging employees to work beyond the job descriptions for acknowledgment and rewards continuously.

  • Helps to Formulate a Compensation Plan

    A clear job description can be used as the basis for formulating a compensation plan to ensure that the compensation reflects the organization’s sense of responsibility and skill level.

  • Performance Management

    When communicating expectations, job descriptions can also be employed as a standard for performance management. If the employee’s job description is clear, they can understand the responsibilities and obligations they are expected to meet.

3 Problems with existing Job Description

  • Not Certain

    Most of the Job Descriptions are vague. The information they provide about vacancies is little, making it difficult for potential applicants to assess whether they are qualified or not.

    Eventually, many applicants who are not suitable for the position will start sending in their applications, which increases the workload of recruiters. Job descriptions that are vague waste time the time of the employees and job seekers.

  • The job descriptions are out of date

    Most times, the hiring manager only writes the description once and uses it every time the Job is opened. Although this saves time, it can lead to recruitment and productivity issues.

    Naturally, there will be developments concerning jobs over time. So, the initial job description might become inaccurate, preventing potential employees from judging whether the Job is suitable for them.

    The outdated job descriptions may cause problems in the first few weeks of work. New employees have a false expectation of tasks and responsibilities, which makes them clueless, which will eventually waste time.

    To avoid these expensive problems, it is crucial to have an updated job description before each new hire.

  • No job description.

    When you post a new job, the job Ads are likely to be the job description, but this is not enough. Job Advertisements do not include essential job posting functions: reporting relationships (top and bottom), actual job requirements, and job details.

Why writing a gender-neutral job description is essential?

A job description written in a way that is not gender-biased has a lot of benefits for the organization. Maintaining equality in the aspect of gender is what every organization should mostly look forward to achieving. In addition to ethical considerations for creating a fairer job, gender equality should be a key focus for all managers.

 This is practically crucial because organizations that focus more on Gender equality always end up being more profitable.

The choice of words is vital in making job descriptions more neutral. Science and psychology show that the female language is more similar to the public, social, and emotional expression than the male language. (Read more about Gender-neutral language)

As an instance, words such as ‘committed’ are more feminine than ‘determine.’ Or terms such as competitive and competent associated with men while sensitive and collaborative as usually familiar with women.

However, excluding these pronouns does not make the job description entirely gender-neutral. 

However, after understanding some best practices, this will expand the scope of employment and improve the benchmark. 

A gender-neutral job description tends to be more generic and will allow the organization to attract the best prospective candidates.

How to write a gender-neutral job description

  • Focus on Second Person

    The first step in writing a job description that is not biased is to remove the gendered pronoun.

    I recommend using second-person pronoun such as you because it prevents the topic of gender equality in your Job description.

    The second person pronoun also brings the candidate closer to the description. The job description will not necessarily point to a particular gender but would be more generic.

  • Be Mindful of the Adjectives

    Aside from removing the pronoun, other things also need to be taken care of, which are the adjectives. Some findings have shown that some attributes are more associated with the masculine gender than the feminine.

    For instance, words like outspoken, competitive, and competent relate mostly with men, while words like sensitive, collaborative, and compassionate associate mostly with women.

    So, while writing your job description, be mindful of adjectives that are gender-biased.

  • List out the essential requirements only.

    While crafting a job description, always list only the requirements that are specific to the Job.

    This will allow you to attract a broad audience of potential candidates. Though this is good for the company, it also has gender advantage because findings have shown that women will apply for a job only when they meet all requirements while using only when they meet up to 60%.

    Therefore, it is crucial that you only include the specific skill needed for the job description.

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