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HR Onboarding specialist job description: A complete guide

As a business owner, one of the primary objectives you reach out for is a productive workforce to optimize company production goals and perhaps, surpass business expectations. Your employees, of course, are the cogs, oil, and key to which your business depends for successful operations and profits.

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Now, imagine that you’ve just had an amazing CV slammed on your desk as an HR recruiter. With standard deliberation, you analyze and conclude that this person deserves a spot in your company and will offer significant value to its operation. However, as you begin the recruitment process, one thing escapes from your mind: despite the potential employee having a great caliber in their designated fields, will he/she be able to successfully adapt to your company’s business model?

HR recruiters have a critical position in a company’s framework, being the sole person responsible for the people they recruit into the workforce. Yet, they alone cannot ensure whether their recruited member will be able to reach their maximum potential for the work they’ll be doing. New employees tend to take a lot of time to acclimate to their work environment – approximately 1 to 2 years, according to one research. This time lag for productivity signifies huge costs for the business, and HR recruiters are not willing to take this liability for themselves.

In order to minimize this time lag for productivity,  HR onboarding specialists are required. According to a report published by Siemens, a business with over 100 employees incur costs of $528K per year due to poor communication and tedious processes of clarifying information to their workers. The effect of an HR onboarding specialist is to mitigate the bureaucracy in relaying information, particularly to new members.

There are other key benefits to the work of an HR onboarding specialist, and this guide will help you get a complete idea of what the job entails and its other constituents. However, let’s first look into the very basic idea of what candidate onboarding truly means.

What is Candidate Onboarding?

In the simplest of terms, candidate onboarding is just the process of helping new staff get on board with their new place of work.

For large companies, employees are provided with a set of formalities that guarantee them a position in the workforce while also confirming any necessary contracts. Due to the lengthiness of the procedure, new members will require the guidance of a specialist to navigate through their necessary documentation.

These candidates, in addition to filing documents, have to acquaint themselves with the people they’ll be working with, the interests of their workplace, and the company’s standard of etiquette. Moving into a new and unfamiliar place frightens most people; and if insecurities manifest itself on a member in a workforce, the whole business can topple from poor productivity and high worker expenses.

Candidate onboarding helps a business evade from these setbacks. When a worker is engaged with their company’s business model and operations, it helps them outperform competitors by 202%. Considering this statistic, it is essential that a business understands how important employee assimilation is to its overall business structure. Through candidate onboarding, transference turns into a quick process with employees comfortably getting used to their work environment and working away with their tasks, without any delay in productivity or confusion about their roles in the business.

Who is an HR Onboarding Specialist? 

An HR Onboarding Specialist is tasked with the job of introducing new workers to the company through an orientation process. They will be communicating the company’s culture and etiquette while also providing schedules for the new employees’ initial work.

The role of the onboarding specialists in the business is to facilitate new members with the understanding of how the company works and the little things which go in between work, such as the way others communicate with each other, how managers and other high-level employees behave, the expectations of the company as well as company-provided break times and workers’ benefits.

Ideally, you want them to feel comfortable with the place they’ll possibly be spending years working in. First impressions matter significantly when considering employee retention, as a business wouldn’t prefer letting a qualified individual slipping out of their hands into the sweeping arms of their competitors. It is, then, the work of the onboarding specialist to make that first impression a truly great one.

HR Onboarding Specialist Responsibilities 

A typical HR onboarding specialist’s job description would include responsibilities such as communicating with new hires to ensure smooth transference into the workplace. They would have to physically lead them on guided tours around the company building, help them associate with their new colleagues, provide lists of their initial task and help set up the technical interfaces for their work, such as activating email accounts, connecting to the company’s intranet, and downloading necessary programs.

In addition to these, onboarding specialists must also produce and distribute detailed manuals dictating the company’s policies and rules of etiquette. They need to provide employee handbooks which will outline the roles of new members’ in the business model and how they are to contribute to the company’s operations. Allowing them a chance to know and understand company values and ideals will boost employee engagement and aid quicker results from their work.

The most important responsibility is saved for last because it’s the most stressful part of the job: an HR onboarding specialist will have to memorize and maintain significant knowledge about company contracts and legislation. This will help them to explain the paperwork which is to be signed and kept by new hires. For example, they will have to gather the Letter of Offer, Tax File Declaration Form, Employee Superannuation Form among other necessary documentations while also explaining the purpose of each document.

While this is a task done by HR recruiters, HR onboarding specialists might also have to explain worker payroll and individual salaries to the new members.

During orientation, it’s a great way to welcome your new colleagues by offering goodie bags with stationery and other onboarding items. This will make them feel valued and improve their feelings towards the company. Furthermore, you can also help by arranging product demos and scheduling company presentations so as to allow your new worker to be familiar with the company’s current projects and goals.

HR Onboarding Specialist Position Skill Requirements 

As is customary, you cannot be entitled to an HR position without a university bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management, Business Communication, or other related fields.

Besides this, most companies prefer their potential HR onboarding specialist to have prior experience working in the same field in order to show expertise. This is usually directed to you having sufficient knowledge about labor regulations and known HR processes such as recruitment, onboarding, and training, etc. The reason why companies would rather take someone with previous knowledge in this specialized sector is to save on valuable time and training costs to educate someone new to the field.

Besides the mandatory Bachelor’s Degree and previous experience, companies also expect their HR Onboarding specialists to have technical expertise in software such as MS Office and MS Excel. They should also be able to retain confidential matters of the company without disclosing it to any unaccepted parties.

There are other formalities which are sought out for when a company screens their candidates for a position in HR Onboarding. These include having proficient skills in communication and verbal language. A candidate should also have excellent time-management and organizational skills since these contribute greatly to the work they’ll be doing.

Onboarding Specialist Salary and Job Growth 

In the US, the average salary for a Candidate Onboarding Specialist is nearly $40,950 per year while per hour pay is around $21. However, pay scales vary depending on what the company is willing to offer and the years of experience the candidate themselves maintain. Location is also key to payroll variations, where Nebraska apparently averages around $97,500 annual salary to onboarding specialists whilst Michigan nears to just $25,350 per year.

Typically, entry-level onboarding specialists with 0 years of experience will have a salary of $25,350 per year. This rises exponentially for those with high experience in their fields, usually for around 9-10 years. A high-level salary for HR onboarding specialists is around $69,615 per year, which is higher than what is paid for other HR fields.

It is also important to remember that the level of skills contribute to salary growth as well, where entry-level candidates with proficient skills in technical software and verbal communication can expect a slightly higher rate than average in terms of salaries.

Top Tools to Use for HR Onboarding Specialists

When technology offers you a lending hand, it’s best not to sway it away. HR onboarding is a long-haul job, with you having to be present for weeks and target your knowledge and resources to get simply one or a few more new hires to get accustomed to their workplace. Sorting through the different paper-works and considering the most effective way to help assimilate new members, all the while managing your time efficiently is hard to get through on your own.

With the large array of digital tools available, it’s not really practical to sweat over small tasks when you can literally have technology do it all for you. Therefore, here is a list of the top tools you can utilize to effectively cover your most demanding and even the insignificant tasks for the onboarding and pre-boarding process:

It’s hard to understand the final decision of a suitable candidate during the pre-boarding process. You, obviously, wouldn’t want all your effort going to waste if a candidate suddenly decides that they do not want the job they’re being offered. Therefore, to save you time and allow you a better management process to streamline your onboarding and pre-boarding tasks, BeamFox provides an AI-driven prediction method that auto-syncs with all of your candidate’s data. It also has the function of hyper-personalization, through which you can rein in a completely customized experience to your candidates that helps them feel more at comfort with your company.

BeamFox is ideally the best tool you can use to automate all of your jobs and have nearly everything managed and maintained.

Through BizMerlin’s software, you can create custom workflows and schedules to send to your new hires, regardless of which department they belong to. The website allows you to include forms, read-and-write PDF documents, and eSignature files. Using this tool will definitely save up your time on the hefty paperwork you’re usually burdened with.

This software enables you to ease up the complicated human resource processes through AI automation. You can provide employee administration and payroll details while also offer legal reporting to manage all of your data in one place.

Employee engagement is crucial to help retain candidates and ensure maximum worker productivity. This engagement process begins mainly from the onboarding process, and Avature Onboard offers systemized portals through which HR can directly communicate with new hires. This way, new workers can ask questions as often as they want while onboarding specialists can answer when they find the time to do so, reducing disturbances to workflow and optimizing productivity levels.

EmployeeConnect has been a long-standing helper in easing communication between HR and new employees. Their paid software offers features such as managing a variety of documents at once, allowing electronic signature forms as well as automatically distributing employee handbooks to new members. Employees can also be assigned with personalized task management schedules through this software.


Pre-boarding and Onboarding are both task-heavy jobs where you have to constantly run around and deliver different handbooks and documentation to new workers. On top of that, creating, organizing, and personalizing work schedules and other amenities for new hires can be incredibly stressful too. HR onboarding and pre-boarding jobs are definitely one of the most interesting and unique sectors in a company but it helps immensely when you have tools to ease your workflow.

At the end of the day, you want to feel successful with your role in a company. Make sure nothing stands in your feeling of achievement, because that only can help you love your job more.

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