gender-neutral JD, gender-neutral job description, How to write job description
How to write a gender-neutral job description

A gender-neutral job description has a lot of benefits for the organization. Learn the importance of Job description, how to write JD, and why gender-neutral JD is the future.

Benefits of social media for hiring, social media for hiring, how to hire using social media, Facebook for hiring, LinkedIn for hiring, Quora for hiring
Benefits of social media for hiring

More than 2.6B people use some or the other social media. In this blog we discuss how HR can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora and Social media for hiring best candidates

Scrum framework for HR, Scrum for HR, Agile for HR, scrum for HR, Agile for HR
A guide to agile scrum framework for HRs

Agile Scrum is widely accepted project management in tech industry. But, what is Agile Scrum for HR and how can HR leverage scrum to increase productivity?

Guide to pre-boarding new hires

Pre-boarding new hires involve keeping your employee engaged from the time they have accepted the offer to their first day. A great pre-boarding plan helps reduce the drop-off significantly

Guide on how to make and use a 9-box grid matrix

Unclear performance and situations in an organization are where the 9-box grid matrix comes in. 9 box grid matrix is a most effective and easiest way of performance evaluation.

8 reasons why employee retention is important, employee retention, how to improve employee retention, advantages of employee retention
Top reasons why employee retention is important

Great businesses understand the advantage of employee retention and thrive to improve it. Here is a list of 8 reasons why employee retention is important for your organization

eNPS, employee net promoter score, what is eNPS, what is employee net promoter score
Complete guide employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

What is eNPS (employee net promoter score)? How to calculate eNPS? Benefits of using eNPS survey over other survey? Here is a complete guide to eNPS

5 KPIs to measure employee engagement

Employee engagement has a direct effect on productivity, efficiency, turnover, and profits. So what are the top KPIs to measure employee engagement? And how to calculate them

Professional Ghosting, Images for Professional Ghosting, Employee Ghosting, Images for Employee Ghosting, Pictures of Employee Ghosting, Pictures of Professional Ghosting, Respond to Employee Ghosting, Respond to Professional Ghosting
5 Ways to respond to employee ghosting

What is employee ghosting? Why is it so prominent? How can HR keep a check on it? Read 5 ways to respond to employee ghosting.

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