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5 points checklist for virtual onboarding remote employees

The exponential growth of Coronavirus is terrifying, creating uncertainty and havoc among millions of employees across the globe. Lockdowns around the world have also directly impacted business growth, and organizations are announcing layoffs or hiring freezes for the coming few months. According to Moody’s analytics, more than 80 million jobs across the USA are at high or moderate risk now. These are unprecedented times for any business.

But not all businesses can afford to stop hiring, some positions are business-critical and are required to sustain and grow. Some companies have to rise during this time, like essential services or companies that are into door-to-door delivery.

  • Amazon is looking to hire 100,000 for new roles to support services during the time of crisis
  • Online schooling is at the boom, and companies like Outschool is looking to hire thousands of teachers
  • Zoom is hiring, as are Slack and Microsoft Teams

Companies like Amazon, Outschool, Zoom & Slack would be using software like Beamfox to pre-board their employees remotely.

In an ideal scenario, Pre-boarding and Onboarding for any organization is an employee’s first introduction to a work environment. Most of the time, pre-boarding and onboarding are preferred to be in a physical environment along with the team.

But as most organizations have moved into remote working, it is essential to know if the HR is ready to pivot their pre-boarding and onboarding to remote?

One of the primary goals of pre-boarding and onboarding is to acclimate an employee to their social and professional expectations to their new role and environment so that they can get comfortable with the unique opportunity and perform as expected.

Remote workers working in different locations or even time-zone have real difficulty in adapting to the new culture. And an employee who had never worked remotely earlier might have a greater struggle in understanding where, when, and whom to approach in an organization.

Having no opportunities to meet a new person in-person is not one of the ideal situations. But a dedicated HR team with an enabled Pre-boarding software can minimize these disadvantages. Here are some best practices to virtual onboarding a new employee.

  1. Use the pre-boarding time for training & understanding

    The time between rolling out an offer and joining should be for training, even if an employee has worked on a similar position elsewhere. There are bound to be specific differences in the approach.
    It is essential to use this time to train the new hire. Your training should cover company rules, processes, procedures, and expectations.

    This period sets to be of best use setting a precedent in the form of role and expectation to both parties.

    Assign the right mentors who would be a single point of contact for the new employee queries. Allocating time for training helps them acclimate to the new job at a higher pace.

  2. Team Introduction

    As a new employee joining an organization remotely, it can be extremely challenging to know the who’s who of a team.

    Understanding the role of every individual and how they fit into an organization tree without a brief introduction could be extremely painful.

    Before joining, an employee should connect with their team over a call where the HR or the team lead should introduce them to each individual.

    It is essential to send a group email about the upcoming activity.

    And another pair email introducing the team to the new hire.

    The pair email should have a headshot of all new and existing employees with a brief introduction.
    The virtual team introduction would help in easy recognition and also act as an ice-breaker.

  3. Company Culture

    It is easy to often forget about company culture with remote employees. Hence, it is more than essential now to put in that extra effort to introduce the new employee to company values and culture.

    Create a detailed deck about the mission, vision, and values of your organization. And walk the new hire through all the points explaining with real human examples and how the larger team resonates these values.

    Pair or assign a buddy to the new employee, who would help with any query or question, especially ones related to the company or values.

    Company culture is one of the most critical onboarding activities, which is more than often missed during remote processes.

  4. Modify your content

    It is essential to know that information that was simple to share on the ground in person, are way too difficult to translate when done remotely.

    The best way to go forward is to modify your content for virtual pre-boarding: organization decks, instructional charts like whom to go related to what, etc.

    Often information or action which seems trivial during working at the office is essential.

    Create and share details of every minute information which you wish your new hire to know.

  5. Don’t forget to follow-up

    Pre-boarding is the most important and most overlooked of all steps by any organization. 30, 60, or 90 days commitment, ensure that you keep a close follow-up with your new hire.

    This period of pre-boarding is most crucial, even when you feel that the new hire is in a comfortable space.

    More than 45% of candidates drop-off between offer acceptance and joining, keeping a close tab helps you understand the right pulse about the employee.

    Use a platform like Beamfox to automate the pre-boarding and keep a check on candidate joining score to ensure that they engage with you and your organization for the entire period.

It is essential to pre-board/Onboard an employee with the same effect as when you would be doing it at a physical office. Organizations often miss on having the importance of useful boarding of an employee.

Take your new hire for virtual/e-coffee or virtual lunch, understand their interest, introduce them in all-hands, and get them to know people across all functions.

With remote work dominating the ecosystem, it is more than essential now to have an effective pre-boarding than ever.

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