Remote offboarding made easy, convenient & manageable


Beamfox holds the highest standards for compliance, privacy, and data security.

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Make employee experience effortless for your team and employee with omnichannel communication forecasting and following on from the energy of this conditions is definitely a option about rolex replica for sale.
self implement

Implement organization-wide employee experience using a simple drag and drop approach.


Create customized permissions options to manage users and admins.

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Receive prescriptive EX actions for specific groups of employees with common attributes.


Focus on improvements that garner the most impact of recommended changes to processes and touchpoints.

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Mitigate security risks & prevent legal issues

Automate checklist and activate real-time triggers to reclaiming company assets and revoking employee access to company accounts. Avoid contract disputes, compensation, or wrongful termination with historical data.

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Manage the logistical challenges of transitioning

Unified platform to gather all the information for an effective transition. Use document signature, form, schedule exit interview, notify team, and customers to avoid any administration hassle for your global team.

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"40% of employees say they would consider boomeranging back
to a company where they had great off-boarding"

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Get valuable feedback for improvement

Building a healthy feedback culture is critical to the long-term health of your organization. Gather feedback through multiple channels. And use it to boost employee engagement, create a better workplace, and decrease turnover and ‘brain drain.’

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employee off-boarding platform, Offboarding software, employee offboarding, Employee offboarding experience

Part ways on the best possible terms

Automate handoff process, create relevant checklists, inform relevant stakeholders, and team. Keep your process clear and documented, while keeping it completely personalized.

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The experience shouldn’t end with the journey!

Capture all updates

All-in-one cloud platform to store all transition information, projects, and deliverable internal or external.

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Triggered Checklist

Activate notification on various stages of offboarding that ensure you do not miss any relevant information at any point

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Discover the analytics

Analyze the trends causing a turnover and evaluate feedback statistics. Reduce drop-off with extensive learnings.

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