Remote onboarding made accessible, convenient & manageable


Beamfox holds the highest standards for compliance, privacy, and data security.

beamfox single platform

Make employee experience effortless for your team and employee with omnichannel communication

self implement

Implement organization-wide employee experience using a simple drag and drop approach.


Create customized permissions options to manage users and admins.

target (1)

Receive prescriptive EX actions for specific groups of employees with common attributes.


Focus on improvements that garner the most impact of recommended changes to processes and touchpoints.

Mobile Ready Employee Engagement

Go paperless for your digital teams

Make your onboarding paperless without human intervention with automated workflows, forms, and document signature. End possibility of human error and shorten training time.

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employee time to productivity

Accelerate time-to-productivity and performance

Automate administrative requirements out of the way, and help new hires start their journey to productivity even sooner. See a significant increase in participation rates and earlier employee connection and engagement.

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"Instilling company culture during Onboarding has been found to increase retention by as much as 25% & improve productivity by 34%"

maximize exposure company values

Maximize employee exposure to your company values

Schedule contextual based content at definite points of the onboarding cycle. Enable employees to get a more in-depth understanding of company values and culture. Ensure your remote team is culturally influential.

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Team collaboration

Encourage employee self-service

Empower your employees to submit their documents, connect 1-on-1, integrate with a background check platform, and provide a single touchpoint to order for a background check, drug test, and assessment.

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Employee Onboarding Engagement

Real time onboarding report

View real-time employee dashboard for reports and guide new hires through the onboarding process. Track real-time status, updates, and customize every employee joining date, department to keep both employee and manager on the same page.

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Every happy employee journey starts with great
onboarding experience

Capture all updates

Automatically record all the different activities employees spend time on to create an accurate timeline of your Onboarding experience.

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Drip campaigns

Send your candidates precisely what they need, when they need it. Build and send beautiful content delivered via emails that perform well on all devices.

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Automated checklist

Track and execute all steps in employee onboarding. Get a real-time notification on task assignment and completion. No manual followups required.

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